Folon. A journey in Brussels

 Folon. A Journey in Brussels

From the brisk days of February to the warm embrace of September, the spirited heart of Brussels, in a dazzling collaboration with the Fondation Folon, unveils the multifaceted brilliance of Jean-Michel Folon.

Exhibition: “Folon: A Journey in Brussels.”

As Brussels awakens to the enchantment of spring, its artistic soul pulsates with an unmatched fervor. In this city, teeming with cultural treasures, the mesmerizing realm of Folon awaits discovery.

Tucked away in the lush surroundings of La Hulpe, merely a stone’s throw from the bustling city center, the Folon Foundation beckons the curious to delve into the whimsical world of the celebrated Brussels artist, Jean-Michel Folon.

This spring, the Folon Foundation, in concert with three of Brussels’ most esteemed museums, orchestrates an exhilarating lineup of events. From hands-on workshops and enlightening guided tours to extraordinary exhibitions scattered across the city, aficionados and novices alike will find their muse within Folon’s vibrant universe.

The Museum Magritte, with its exquisite exhibition, explores the intriguing symphony between the artworks, linguistic nuances, and unique essences of Magritte and Folon, illuminating the latter’s pivotal revelation upon encountering Magritte’s work in his youth. “Indeed, in painting, one is bound by no limits. One can even craft mysteries,” Folon mused.

The esteemed Maison Autrique, an architectural marvel designed by Horta that radiates both grandeur and warmth, offers an intimate glimpse into Folon’s explorations across diverse artistic techniques and his relentless passion for collecting.

Furthermore, an exhibition curated by the Museo Civico Garda and Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti, in collaboration with the Fondation Folon and the Design Museum Brussels, delves into Folon’s connections with the legendary Olivetti company, presenting a captivating look at the evolution of advertising design during a time of bold innovation.

“Folon in Brussels” this spring is far more than an exhibition; it is a grand invitation to a bygone era, urging you to embark on an adventure of creativity and wonder. As the city blooms and basks in sunlight, why not wander into the captivating world of Folon and let your imagination take flight?

For a rendezvous with inspiration, visit the Fondation Folon: Fondation Folon.

Image – Fondation Folon