The Scott Hotel


Scott Fitzgerald, the famous American writer of dazzling stories about the flamboyance of the Jazz Age, will take you on a mindblowing trip through the Roaring Twenties. The rooms are designed to immerse you into this unique atmosphere. Opening the door of one of the rooms feels like opening a brand new book, full of wonder and expectation. Every room will tell you a different story, attractive and mysterious…

The Scott Hotel
The Scott Hotel - room

Writer’s Room

Inspiration hides in little corners. This room envelops you in breathtaking sparks of genius. Write your own marvellous story, as if you were Scott Fitzgerald himself.

Room The Scott Hotel

Editor’s Room

Editing a story is like spray painting it gold. The brilliance of the words simply multiplies when a skilled editor is polishing the text. Create your own silver linings in this room full of focus and concentration.

The Scott Hotel

Publisher’s Room

In the publisher’s room, you’re in charge: what stories do you want the world to read? Cherry pick the most promising stories…

Publisher’s Terrace Room

Even a publisher needs a break from time to time. To enjoy the magnificent stories he’s published and to caress his own precious book covers. This terrace room provides the space and tranquility needed to free one’s mind.

The Scott Hotel